Don’t Panic

If you are locked out of your home or business, firstly do not panic. We understand how daunting it can be, especially given an emergency situation. Try and keep a level head and stay calm as the situation can be resolved.

Locate your spare keys

Once you are calm, try to remember the last place that you were in possession of your keys. If you can’t remember where you last had them, or they are simply not now in your possession, you now need to think about any spare sets of keys that you may have.

You may have provided a spare set of keys with a neighbour, a family friend, professional key-holding service, or a member of your household may have a set. If you are able to obtain a spare set – fantastic! It is advisable that if you do re-gain entry to the property, it is worth changing your locks to ensure that your property is secure in the event that your keys have been stolen.

Call a local Locksmith

If you do not have any spare keys, or all of your keys are locked inside – call a local, reliable Locksmith. A trustworthy locksmith will carry ID and provide you with a quote before attending your property so that there are no hidden costs.

What to do to prevent being locked out in future

– Don’t attempt to break in through any windows or pick the locks – this can cause more damage which could prove costly.

– Think about investing in a key-holding service to prevent being locked out in future.

– Always carry a form of identity with you. (This is requested when a locksmith visits your property. If you do not have ID, your neighbours may be requested to identify you).

– Attach your keyring to something that you won’t leave behind i.e a handbag (placing the keys inside and attaching your keyring), a chain connected to your clothing etc.


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